Model & Approach

        We recognize that at times life can be difficult. We all face ups and downs and have difficult situations and strong feelings. Sometimes these can leave us feeling insecure, worthless, defeated, insignificant, distressed and sometimes hopeless, and we need someone to help us to find our way through. The Potter’s Wheel Counselling Room can help by providing a supportive, non-judgemental place for you to explore your situation and a safe place to talk and be heard whilst you consider alternative perspectives and make informed choices.

        The Potter’s Wheel Counselling Room works with an Integrative model, incorporating elements of Christian faith, beliefs and morals. Your counsellor has a Christian faith and is happy to integrate this into your sessions along with prayer, but you will need to request this.

        The counselling process does not necessarily guarantee a satisfactory resolution to personal problems or issues arising from our work together. Your counsellor is basically a facilitator to enable you to gain insight into your issue and to make appropriate decisions. Your autonomy is respected and acknowledged, and promotes the self determination you have over your own life, respecting your ability to make decisions and change in the light of your own beliefs and values.

        Your counsellor may introduce different approaches, interventions and tools as part of the integrative way we work, including but not exclusive to Psychotherapy, Narrative, Creative work, Play therapy, etc. Each tool will be introduced to you by your counsellor as a means to help you gain further insight and revelation into the presenting problem.